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How to choose garden shears?
Nowadays, many families have plants. Pruning branches is inevitable when planting plants. Generally, the branches of plants are relatively soft, but the branches of some plants are very hard. At this time, I need a pair of pruning shears. So how to buy gardening shears? Let's take a look together.

1. If you want to buy a high-quality pruning shears, you must choose the length of the corresponding scissors blade before choosing the pruning. Some pruning shears have longer blades, and some pruning shears have relatively long blades. Short, if you often trim those particularly thick branches, then buy a pruning shear with a longer blade, otherwise, buy a pruning shear with a shorter blade.

2. When choosing pruning shears, you should feel whether the locks are convenient and comfortable to use. The locks of those high-quality pruning shears are relatively smooth to use, and it is easier to open and close the lock.

3. If you want to buy a high-quality pruning shear, try to choose a pruning shear that is easy to hold. Some pruning shears only have two handshake. It is best to choose those with holes in the handshake, so that the pruning shears with holes in the handshake will not fall off easily during use.

4. When choosing pruning shears, it is best to choose a big brand of pruning shears. The production technology of big brand manufacturers is relatively mature, and the quality and craftsmanship are also relatively quick to follow up, which guarantees a longer life.

5. When choosing pruning shears, try to choose the ones with greater friction in the handshake. There are more thick branches in the process of pruning shears. At this time, if the friction in the handshake is very high, during the cutting process, Pruning shears are not easy to slip off and are more comfortable to use.

6. When choosing pruning shears, you should choose pruning shears with better spring performance. When purchasing, you can actually feel the spring performance of the pruning shears. If the spring of the pruning shears is in the process of opening and closing, The rebound is relatively strong and stable, so the quality of the pruning shears will not be too bad.

7. When choosing pruning shears, it is best to choose those that are easier to clean, because pruning shears often trim branches, there will be some stains, easy to clean, it is not easy to leave stains on the scissors, many pruning shears surface There will be coatings, and coatings can prevent the scissors from rusting.

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