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What are the precautions for the use of electric chain saws and operation precautions?
An electric chain saw is a woodworking electric tool that uses a rotating chain saw blade to cut. Let's first understand the specifications for the use of electric chain saws: what are the preparations? What should be paid attention to during operation?

Preparation for use of electric chain saw:

1. Safety shoes must be worn during work.
2. It is forbidden to wear large, open clothes and shorts during work, and it is forbidden to wear accessories, such as ties, bracelets, and anklets.
3. Carefully check the degree of wear of the saw chain, guide plate, sprocket and other components and the tension of the saw chain, and make necessary adjustments and replacements.
4. Check whether the switch of the electric chain saw is in good condition, whether the power connector is connected firmly, and whether the cable insulation layer is worn.
5. Thoroughly inspect the work site and remove stones, metal objects, branches and other discards.
6. Choose safe evacuation channels and safe areas before operation.

Precautions for electric chain saw operation:
1. When the processed original strip is within 1.5m from the conveyor, no operation is allowed.
2. Before turning on the power, the electric chain saw switch must be turned off to prevent accidental startup.
3. Before making lumber, start the electric chain saw idling for 1 min to check whether it is running normally.
4. When starting or operating, hands and feet should not be close to the rotating parts, especially the upper and lower parts of the chain.
5. When the fuse is blown or the relay is tripped, check immediately.
6. The line is not allowed to work overloaded, and is not allowed to connect to high-capacity fuses.
7. The electric chain saw must be operated with both hands.
8. Be sure to stand firm when working. It is not allowed to stand under the original strip or log and operate on the original strip or log that may roll.
9. When troubleshooting the clamp saw, pay special attention to the safety of auxiliary personnel.
10. During the operation, lubricate and cool the sawing mechanism at any time.
11. When the original slab is about to be sawed, pay attention to the movement of the wood, and quickly lift the electric chain saw after sawing.
12. The electric chain saw switch must be turned off before the transfer operation, and no running is allowed during the transfer.
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